What About My Talent(s)? [1]

It is a beautiful saying: When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. I will like to also add: God determines purpose, man discovers purpose.

Someone may ask: Do I have a talent? If yes, for what purpose?

Talent, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary of English, is the natural endowments of a person. I define talent as a raw gold that is implanted on the inside of a man by God. God puts it there for a purpose. (Purpose is the original intention/reason why something was created.)

At this juncture, I want to make it known to you that every human born of a woman under the sun has a talent. That talent is unique, custom-tailored and perfectly programmed for an individual to exercise dominion on the earth- man’s purpose on earth when God created him. Talent is an ability which must be put into work, else, it’ll be useless if dormant.

From the Parable of the talents that Jesus Christ gave [Matthew 25:14-30], talent has a multiplicity effect, a growing ability when put into proper use. You use it, it multiplies; you abandon it, it becomes a burden. If for example you have a talent for singing, if you develop it well, by mastering the art skillfully, you get to discover you can leverage on it and be an effective coach or consultant as singing is concerned. It is noteworthy at this point that skill is your own developed style of doing things. Skill is simply doing a common thing differently as innovatively as you can be.

Talents are never enough. You have to be diligent and committed to refine that raw gold in you. Gold doesn’t look like gold in its unrefined state, it’s appearance is unattractive. So also it is for talent. You get to consistently and continuously refine it by working tirelessly on yourself till that gold becomes shining and glitters for the world to see. The is no place for Rest when the job is yet to be accomplished. God, our perfect example and Creator, rested on the seventh day after finishing the six days’ job. Your greatest & only job is to bring out that gold in you.

Let me burst your bubble: your intelligence is not what makes you great. What makes you great is discovering and developing your talents! History is a great reference. Anyone with a sense of history will attest to the fact that IQ plays little or no role in becoming great on earth. What counts is the courage to believe in yourself when you have successfully developed your talents.

I will like to encourage you to put on your thinking cap as you list at least 5 things you know you can do but you have not given serious attention. Write it down, make it plain so that you can RUN with it.

…to be continued


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