What About My Talent(s)? [2]

Sequel to the previous post dear reader, I hope you have been able to list (at least) 5 things you can do and you now plan to give serious attention. Having done that you now devise a strategy by setting a goal on how to improve on those 5 things, one at a time.

Every goal is summed up in SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound. Every human under the sun has the same 24 hours and how we spend this life currency determines who & what we become. Bishop David Oyedepo once remarked: ‘I achieve in a day what an average individual will achieve in 2days’. This is as a result of how he spends his 24 hours. He cuts his sleeping time to 3 hours on average.

Any body can become great whether he is formally educated or not. What matters is to what extent they have developed their talents. Abraham Lincoln was an autodidact (self educated) with no college degree and he became one of the greatest US presidents in history. This is however hinged on 2 key ingredients: self-discipline and determination to succeed.

As much as I will encourage getting a college degree, I will like you to make great effort in acquiring self education. I define Education as a process of learning that brings Self discovery. The purpose of Education is to bring self discovery and any form of learning that doesn’t fulfill this purpose is but a waste of time resources.

Without mincing words, a talent that is undeveloped is as unprofitable as a goldmine without discovery.

In the words of Tony A. Gaskins Jr, an American motivational speaker and coach: “If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to help build theirs”. I will like to re-phrase it: If you don’t develop your talents you may end up working for others who discovered & developed theirs.

The only way you can discover & develop your talents till it’s refined is in God. Just as an inventor is the rightful person that can give a detailed account of his invention OR a painting artist that gives the descriptive detail of his artwork masterpiece, so also is the case with humans and God, his Creator. You cannot know the why you were made and as well be fulfilled without coming to the Intelligent Designer for guidance and accepting Him to be the Captain of your ship. If you do, your ship will successfully sail through the stormy, roaring waves and billows of life’s seas as your dreams transmute into reality. (Ignoring Him is as a capsized ship waiting to happen.)

Get God involved as you discover and develop your talents. Be all you can be, the sky will be your spring board!

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