ADIEU 2018

It’s been officially 11days ago that 2018 passed on. Although that old year has gone and never to come back, we cannot but recount the memories associated with the events in it.

One thing I will encourage you to do is to count your blessings and not the losses, appreciate the successes and not the failures, focus on the maximized opportunities and not the lost ones, recall the joyful moments and not the sad ones. These do with the hope that 2019 is bringing vistas of great and amazing possibilities for you.

It is a true statement: the focus of your constant thinking becomes your reality. Focus on the bright side of events as you move on this year, there and then will you see the great opportunities life has to offer when others are blind to it.

You being MAD (making a difference) in your dealings this year will actually cost you short-term pain for long-term rewards. The pain is that of sacrifice of leaving your comfort zone, people not understanding you and your ideas not accepted. But the long term goal is more ‘importanter’, as the end justifies the means.

I will not say you shouldn’t write goals for the year, but will advise you write goals for each day. Because days are miniatures of years. If you can gain mastery of each day, with consistency you gain mastery the year.

Get used to life, because 2019 is a start of a new life.

Be all you can when you can where you can.

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